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How Richard Lustig Won The Lottery 7 Times Exploring a Mathematical Loophole - He Is Now Creating New Lottery Winners Every Week
(See REAL Proof Below)
Lottery Dominator - News | Lottery Dominator - News 1,759,245 | Lottery Dominator - News
His name is Richard Lustig.
And he keeps on winning the lottery.
7 of the times were by exploring a mathematical loophole. Check out some of his wins.
Lottery Dominator - News

Lottery Dominator - News Lottery Dominator - News

Scratch cards. Big draws. You name it. Lustig won it.

He is now creating new lottery winners each week by teaching other’s this “weird trick”.

Check out his latest winner this week “Lisa Carvalho” who won $59,428 playing the Fantasy 5 in Florida.
Lottery Dominator - News

Here is also a notarized document signed by Lisa herself so you know this is 100% real and not a scam. This win is all thanks to Richard Lustig!
Lottery Dominator - News

At this point Richard knew he’d discovered something very special.

Many winners just like Lisa are coming forward each week to thank Richard for their new found wealth.

Watch the video now to learn step-by-step how these individuals won and how you can win today
Latest Lotto Winners
Lottery Dominator - News
Susan T
Susan T

“Well Richard, my patience finally paid off! I couldn’t believe how easy your software was to use. All I did was log in and use the numbers you told me to play and I won the Massachusetts Cash Jackpot for a whopping $100,000! Oh, and I have only been playing 3 sets of Pick 5 tickets for a couple of weeks! Thanks for putting this software into my hands. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and belief that if you can do it, then anyone can!”

“Good morning Richard!! I am so happy to report that Saturday I won the Fantasy 5 again! All 5 numbers, 4 people won so its $59,286.49”
C Stevenson

“Today I won $3,175.50 in the NJ Pick 4 using your strategies to the LETTER! I joined 3/31/17 and I started playing on April Fool’s day. Today is 4/4/17 and with an $80.00 investment I made so much more!!!! You have NO idea how this just changed my life! I will be purchasing your auto generator and keeping you updated! Hope to see you in the winner’s circle! Dinner’s on me!”