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How Richard Lustig Won The Lottery 7 Times...
Claims He Can Show Anyone How To Win
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Not heard of him?
Let me tell you.
Richard is the only person in history to have won SEVEN Lottery Game Grand Prizes.
Lottery Dominator - News

SEVEN jackpots.

This isn't made up.

You can get on Wikipedia right now and see for yourself.

He's for real.

He's on Ripley's 'Believe it or Not'.

He's been on Rachel Ray and Good Morning America and a zillion other shows.

In 17 years Richard Lustig won $1,052,205.58 in 7 Jackpot wins.

Lottery Dominator - News Lottery Dominator - News

But what's better still than those SEVEN JACKPOT WINS... is Richard Lustig had a TOTAL of TWENTY THREE lottery wins!

Not all jackpots, mind. $6,000 bucks here. $13,000 there.

But month after month he kept on picking up prizes.

Scratch cards. Big draws. You name it. Lustig won it.

Richard figured out how some people win the lottery multiple times

He clears his debts. Buys a fabulous home in Florida. Puts $50,000 in each of his kids' college funds.

Gives his wife a brand new Lexus.

Lottery Dominator - News

And then he does the unexpected.

He doesn't buy a yacht. He doesn't buy more homes or cars. He doesn't even keep playing so much.

What does he do?

He starts writing...and making videos!

The guy figures out how a few people around the world KEEP winning lottery jackpots... wins a pile for himself and then decides to start telling other people how to do it.

Discover Richard's '6-Step System' To Winning The Lotto For Yourself
Latest Lotto Winners
Lottery Dominator - News
Chris D, Naperville, Illinois
Susan T, Massachusetts

Well Richard, my patience finally paid off! I couldn’t believe how easy your software was to use. All I did was log in and use the numbers you told me to play and I won the Massachusetts Cash jackpot for a whopping $100,000! Oh, and I have only been playing 3 sets of pick 5 tickets for a couple of weeks! Thanks for putting this software into my hands. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and belief that if you can do it, then anyone can!
Emily T, Topeka Kansas
Lisa, Florida

This is crazy! 5 wins of $5000 or more over the last 3 months! I never thought there would truly be a way to win the lottery consistently, but I was definitely proven wrong by your insanely accurate formula. You have given me the financial freedom I needed to peruse the hobby of my dreams. I also don’t have to worry about money again! By the way, I am attaching a picture of me holding a check from my most recent win so you can see proof of my success!
Evelyn P, Sarasota Florida
Omaira Alonzo, Florida

WOW! I love the software and anyone who contests to the fact that it may be a scam I can certainly confirm to them that it’s NOT TRUE! Your software is super easy to use and after playing on my own for many years and not winning, I finally found your software which I just recently started using on 2/3/2017. I hit small on the pick 3, then this past Friday on 2/17/2017 I hit the pick 5 jackpot! I am not sure exactly how much I have won as I have to wait till Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. I assume between 25-30k. I played straight/box and got it straight. Love this, I finally won the pick 5 and now I am ready to move on to bigger games. SO EXCITED now I can go pay off my past due bills and my debts wooohoo! Attached is a picture of my winning ticket so you can see proof of my big win.